Shawn Gayton T-Shirt


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Here is #2 in our Black Belt Series of T-Shirts. This time we chose to use the owner/head instructor at Mid City MMA in New Orleans, Shawn Gayton. I have visited this academy several times over the years, and they have been nothing but welcoming to a visitor. Shawn has a great ability to explain techniques in different ways as to allow for each student to understand the task. He is also the Assistant Varsity Wrestling coach at Jesuit High School in New Orleans.He has a keen ability to show the incorporation of wrestling in his BJJ instruction. I met Shawn when he was still a brown belt, and his knowledge was impressive then. He cares about his students and his students are loyal, which is the real test. He has had several of his students go on to compete at the highest levels in MMA. He is an awesome instructor on and off the mats, and an absolute beast to roll with. Truly the representation of a Domesticated Animal.

If you are in the area, please check them out. You will not be disapointed, but you will probably get choked.

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