Classy Grappler T-Shirt


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As the inaugural black belt in our Black Belt series of shirts, we chose the man that keeps us laughing here at Always Be Choking, someone we believe lives our motto of having fun to the utmost of his own ability, the one and only Classy Grappler. We feel this representation of him is as close to reality as one can get. Not only is he a funny guy, and a BJJ black belt, he is also a good Samaritan. His portion of the proceeds of the sale of this shirt (50%) is going back to help a charity we here at ABC believe in, the We Defy Foundation. Information about the work the foundation is doing can be found at As you can see there is every reason for him to have been chosen as our flagship Black Belt representative in this series.


Art work designed in coordination with Maurice Terry Jr., Professional Illustrator & Graphic Designer,, and of course, Classy Grappler had a bit of input...

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